Lamb meat for 2019 is sold out. Check back Fall 2020. 

We raise a variety of sheep at our farm. Our meat lambs are a mix of Katahdin, Dorper and Barbados. 
Our sheep and lambs are exclusively raised on pasture grass and supplemented with hay when the need arises. 
They aren't given antibiotics, hormones or other shots. They are born on our farm and raised by their mothers. 

The lambs are born between December & February and processed between August and September. 

Lamb Chops // $30 per lb
Average package size: 4 chops/1 lb

Our lamb chops are cut from the ribs, and are very tender. They need only to be cooked for a few minutes on each side and don't need much seasoning. A wonderful, delicate, and flavorful cut!

Lamb Shanks // $18 per lb

Average package size: 2 shanks/1.5 lbs

Lamb shanks come from the bottom part of the lambs leg. They are a tougher meat with a lot of flavor. They need to be braised for at least 2 hours to bring out their flavor and create a super tender meat. You can also use them to make a delicious broth.

Leg of Lamb // $16 per lb
Average package size: 1 bone in leg/4.5 lbs

Perfect for a holiday or celebration feast with friends and family, our bone-in leg of lamb is something you want to share! Season with Indian spices for a warming meal or simply some salt & thyme to let the meat do all the talking. This makes a beautiful roast.

Breast of Lamb or Lamb Belly // $13 per lb
Average package size: 1.5 lbs

A somewhat fatty cut of meat, this is equivalent to pork belly. This is the "lambiest" of all the cuts, from the underside of the lamb. If you're up for it, try making lamb bacon!

Lamb Loin Roast (rib rack) //
$32 per lb

Average package size: 8 chops/1 lb

Cut from the most tender meat on the lamb, this small rack/roast can be cooked whole or pre-cut into chops and cooked on a skillet.

Availability is limited, so please order soon if you're interested. 
Send us an email at with what you'd like and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

Payments can be made by cash, check, Square or Venmo. 

Pickup is at Nourish Farm.

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