Frequently Asked Questions

Is your produce organic?

Our produce is not certified organic. Becoming a certified organic grower involves a lot of cost and paperwork. We do practice "organic" farming practices, but believe that being a regenerative, sustainable and ecologically responsible farm is more important than being certified organic. We are passionate about caring for the earth and growing healthy, nutrient dense produce. We want to be as transparent as possible with our farming practices and encourage anyone who would like to, to schedule a visit to the farm, so they can see for themselves!
We do not spray or apply pesticides or herbicides, synthetic fertilizers or use any other chemicals in our farming operation. Our seeds are all non-GMO, mostly organic and many heirloom varieties. You can be assured that your food is clean and safe and our practices in no way are harming the environment, the soil or our animals.

How much produce is in a share?

This year (2020) we are doing a one size share for all. Boxes will contain 7-10 different types of vegetables and 1-2 types of fresh herbs. They are valued at $26. One box could feed 2-3 people who cook at home a few times a week or one person who cooks at home every day of the week. For larger families, we recommend getting 2 shares for the season.

Why do you require that farm members pay in full? That's a lot of money up front!

A CSA (community supported agriculture) is just that, a farm (agriculture) supported by it's community. In order for us to order seeds, supplies, tools, compost, pay salaries and pay for regular operating costs, we need funds at the beginning of each season. In return, you are guaranteed fresh produce every week once the harvest begins! When we receive your money, it all goes towards the farm; and we have the big responsibility of making sure that we have that produce ready for you each week and that our crops are successful.

What if something goes wrong?

We all know that weather can be unpredictable and pests can come and take out a whole crop. There may be times when your produce boxes aren't as bountiful as we'd hoped, because of circumstances out of our control. We will do our best to prepare for bad weather and use organic methods to control pests; but farming, and especially organic farming, can be very unpredictable.
These risks are something that we as the farmers are taking on, as well as you, the farm members. We will always keep you updated with any serious issues we are facing and let you know if a certain crop won't be available for a while.
We believe that the benefits of eating fresh, seasonal and ecologically grown produce outweigh the potential risks of possibly 'not getting lettuce for a couple weeks'. We hope that none of these issues will occur, but always want to make sure we, as a whole, are on the same page. Please note that we do not offer refunds.

CSA Members: When and where do I pick up my weekly boxes?

When you sign up for the season, you can choose between 2 pickup spots, one in Turlock and one in Modesto. The address and location will be given, once your spot is secured with payment. Pickup days are on Fridays from 11am - 7pm. Please note that the Turlock & Modesto pick up spots are outdoors, so during the summer your produce will be sitting outside. It will be in the shade, and kept as cool as possible until you can get it.

What if I won't be in town or can't pick up my box on a certain Friday?

If you won't be around a certain week to pick up your box, you are more than welcome to donate it to a friend or family member, and have them pick it up instead. If no one shows up to pick up your box, it will be donated to someone at the pick up location. If you would like to make arrangements before hand to donate it to someone else, please get in touch with us. Refunds/credit is not offered for weeks missed.

I see you've partnered with a lot of local businesses this year. How do those add ons work?

We are very excited to be partnering up with even more local, sustainable minded, family owned businesses this year! This year we are excited to offer flowers, eggs, coffee, sourdough bread & mushrooms. These products are all sold as "shares" also and will be added on to your weekly boxes. These add on shares are paid for up front, before the season begins, just like the produce boxes.
Please visit our CSA Program page to find out more about each add on and the story behind each business.

How does your virtual farmstand work?

If you'd like to be notified of extra produce and/or flowers we have, you can sign up for our virtual farmstand, here. CSA Members get priority of produce that we grow, but every week that we have extra to share, we will email you with a list of what is available for you to order. ** Virtual Farmstand emails will be sent out on Thursdays or Fridays. Orders FOR PRODUCE/FLOWERS must be placed, paid for and picked up BY MONDAY of the following week. You can pay through invoice, cash or Venmo. Please bring your own bag(s), as we do not provide boxes for you to take your produce home in.
The reason for the short time frame is, our harvest days are Thursdays/Fridays, therefore we don't want your produce to be sitting around for a week waiting for you to pick it up! The benefit of getting your produce from us, is not only that it is sustainably grown, but it is freshly picked (which makes it much more delicious and crisp!)

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